view from my couch

Haven’t posted in a while. painted some pretty awful sketches. Mood wasn’t there. Guess there is a connection between happiness and good artwork. So this is sitting on my couch looking out. Have been cooped up staring at the same view. time to go out and fetch new stuff.

2 Comments on “view from my couch”

  1. rkb665 says:

    I like the feel of the piece you posted. It’s something you see everyday and decided to document. Plus, you did something and that is the main point. You could have just schlumped around saying you were going to paint…in a bit…when you felt peppier…later. It’s okay to occassionally be in a rut, as long as no dirt starts to fall and pile up on you!

  2. Thanks, you are so right on. yep cold have just laid there feeling sorry for myself. I am slowly coming out of it, you’ll see

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