Through the roof

Once again capturing the view from my roof especially when the sun reflects through the fence. I love looking through this view and can never get tired. At the same time, I am like a prisoner fenced in and staring at it day in and day out.

6 Comments on “Through the roof”

  1. rkb665 says:

    Liliane, Try sketching it and turning it on its head for a whole new look. I sometimes do that with non direction specific photos to see what happens and what I see. 🙂

  2. not sure what you mean…

    • rkb665 says:

      See how it looks when you do a quick sketch and flip it top to bottom. Putting the sky where the ground would be and vice versa. I find it gives me a whole new take on my pieces if I look at them that way. I really like the detail you capture in your pieces, there is a nice feeling of catching the moment before it vanishes.

      • Yep I know exactly what you mean, I often draw upside down when I do portraits as to not get blinded bu the subject. It’s nice to get other perspectives. Anyway,I really appreciate your comments, very kind

  3. nyx says:

    Love this one! You can feel the dimensions…

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