This photo taken by my nephew Fred captured so well the heat and spirit of Morocco where I was born. haven’t been in ages but I long to walk by adobe houses and feel the dry hot summer sun on my skin. There is a peace in the desert that does not compare to anywhere. Oh Summer where art thou?

5 Comments on “Marrakech”

  1. emilyluxton says:

    This is lovely, and really captures the warmth of Morocco. I was in Marrakech in March so this really brings it all back for me πŸ™‚

  2. Fred says:

    Nice one….sounds familiar….We had kesra (bread) and olive oil for lunch with tea with a very kind family in this medina of Merzzouga. I like the painting, it’s more intense than the picture

    • That is so nice to hear! I knew it wasn’t Marrakech but felt it looked close enough. I so wish I could be there to eat kesra bread. Thanks for liking the pic,

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