Take me home, country road!

Ah it must be so nice to live up in rural areas. For city gals like me, it’s very rare that I get to enjoy the fresh air, different scents and sounds, and see the vastness beyond my scope of vision. I’m always in the middle of concrete, along with construction sites, never ending noises, and not to mention all the various odors. Finally got a chance to see and feel the vastness. Beautiful nature not so far away.


12 Comments on “Take me home, country road!”

  1. Geographic Designer says:

    Beatiful! where is this?

  2. BTW love your blog!

  3. Jeffrey Tolhurst says:

    it is really nice out here in the country 🙂 hope you are enjoying your summer Liliane!!

  4. Hi Jeffrey, I so wish I was out in your neck of the woods. Hot and still haven’t installed the air conditioner. Boo hoo hoo for us city folks. Hope you are enjoying your stay in your beautiful area and your summer. I kinda miss you all believe it or not. Secret ok?

  5. Liliane, I have enjoyed viewing the sketches on your blog. I like your free and easy style. I am sure you enjoyed the process of making the sketches and experimenting with your new materials even if you were not satisfied with the final picture.

    • Margaret you are so perceptive. I have such a hard time accepting my work once finished, but love the process. Sometimes I wish I can post all the trial and errors. What a collage that would make!

  6. Fred says:

    Wait….in 19 days you’ll get a real taste of rural life…..:)

  7. There’s something about a path going into the picture that takes you along…very Summery!.

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