Went to beaver lake today which is so beautiful hidden away in the middle of the city. Was fascinated by the water and all the growing leaves and tried to capture their beauty, their silence and and their serenity. Obviously I failed terribly. I think I need to do some sketching in pencil and let go off color for a while. There is so much I’d like to capture and the result is a lot different on paper than either in my head or in reality. How to merge the 2? I’s love to know; Any advice?

4 Comments on “Pond”

  1. I’m in no position to give advice 😉 But I just wanted to say I enjoy seeing your daily sketches–they are beautiful to me. I love the way you use watercolors.

  2. I think trying to merge what is in the head with what is reality on paper is a fruitless quest unless you are a photo realist. I think the challenge of making the work is what is stimulating. Besides my pictures have a habit of taking over and telling me what they want.

  3. Margaret I so agree with you, I start out with a plan and somehow the paint and the sketch have a life of their own out of my control, Sometimes I am satisfied while others I am confused, Yet others have a way of seeing my work that I often don’t see and that makes it all the more surprising! Thanks for following…

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