When is enough enough?

When is enough with watercolors? When I’m painting, I love the feeling yet I always feel that I am either overworking it or not enough. Wish I had a timer to tell me when to stop or to just add a little more detail. Damn those watercolors are difficult!


7 Comments on “When is enough enough?”

  1. It’s a bit like writing – rather than invent new narrative it’s (sort of) easier to rewrite, improve, change what you’ve already written so you lose impetus and freshness – I like your colours

  2. First of all – love your watercolors! Love purposed ‘unfinishness of them.
    Second of all – thank you so much for your ‘follow’. I am honored. Best wishes. Yelena

  3. Thanks David, I guess my question was when are we really satisfied with our work. Your connection to writing is right on, just as hard

  4. I really, really love your art and style! It’s a joy to see new work. Are you working on larger paper now? I love the black outlines on this, and can only imagine how difficult watercolors are.

    • Wow Cory thank you so much. Sometimes I work on 9″ x 12″ but I have worked in oils on 30″ x 40″ and love it. Now challenging myself with watercolor. There are so many I admire and feel I am at the bottom slowly trying to reach another level. BTW I love the Expressionistic Depression!

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