Arabian Nights

If you ever get a chance to visit Pau in South Western France, there is this delicious Lebanese/Armenian restaurant called “La Fiancé du Desert”. It is decorated so lavishly with gorgeous veils of all color hanging from the ceiling where the food was great and the wine was cheap. Sketching drapery is no easy task. Looked so simple and yet so arduous. There is a subtlety of capturing transparency that is always challenging.  I think that will be my new project…


6 Comments on “Arabian Nights”

  1. Fred says:


  2. Merci, c’était tellement beau et bon!!!!

  3. violetski says:

    Lovely sketch with beautiful colours !
    Ah,I love arabic food ,specially Labanese food.I lived for 3 years in Qatar and fell in love with those foods specially love Tabula and Baba ghanouj,lebanese bread……..ah .get hungry I think!!!!!

  4. elicitz says:

    lovely painting :).. keep it up

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