Drying colors

One of my favorite sketches to do are either alleyways, cathedrals and churches or tree trunks. Between the scorching heat out there, my watercolors are drying in front of me so very frugal with this sketch as it is way too hot. If it continues, I’ll take out my pencils and scrap paints all together 🙂


4 Comments on “Drying colors”

  1. Fred says:

    super rĂ©aliste…mĂŞme quand les couleurs sèchent trop vite. Lumineux

  2. Merci, il fait tellement chaud mais qui se plein qu’on a les mois de janvier et fĂ©vrier, ha ha

  3. I love this one. I also enjoy how you left some of the paper shown. Nice job.


  4. Thank you Cory, I’m sort of at a loss of subjects. Today will walk around again trying to find some great inspiration….

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