My new best friend

Industrial designer I am not because it took me forever to sketch this chair properly, however, this is now my new best friend as I got this folding chair for 10 bucks and it goes everywhere I go so from now on I can go sketching about town and not have to worry about where to sit, or to have to order coffee in some little joint somewhere, plus did you check out my cup holder? perfect for water. Montreal here I come!

4 Comments on “My new best friend”

  1. cherylmoore says:

    You have some really beautiful watercolours! This is my favourite piece so far.

  2. Wow Cheryl you amaze me I wasn’t even going to post it as I thought it looked like crap, so if you love it then I am happy, Thank you!!!!!

  3. Fred says:

    Saisissant…on dirait que le fauteuil est vivant….

  4. Mais merci, il est super confortable et se promène partout!

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