Kindred spirits

After discovering so many wonders in Baie D’urfe with its lush nature and beautiful lake I found this weeping willow almost talking to me. It felt like he was saddened by so many things, nostalgia from better days, a lost optimism and just weeping there while no one really noticed. Him and I shared a lot of the same feelings….


4 Comments on “Kindred spirits”

  1. There’s nothing quite like nature to help one get in touch with one’s feelings đŸ™‚ The tree is beautiful. I’ve always loved tree leaves and the way light filters through them–there is so much depth created by the thin layers.

  2. I know I love trees too. They hold so much knowledge and keep so mum. Almost like dogs….

  3. Jane Hannah says:

    I understand the feeling Liliane… and your tree is gorgeous and weeping, all at the same time.

  4. Thanks Jane, you know…

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