Haunted JAC

Stumbled upon the back of John Abbott College and noticed this abandoned building with its barricaded windows and eerie energy permeating through on this gloomy October day.  Now I am fascinated by it and imagining so many things that could be inside and the ones that once were.


4 Comments on “Haunted JAC”

  1. dylangillespie14 says:

    Looks creepy. The college should do a haunted house in it. I like how you applied the colors to make the building look kind of weathered.

  2. It really is creepy especially with Halloween coming up it’s even eerier. Thanks for the comment.

  3. ArtbyLinz says:

    This is awesome! Makes me want to go out hunting for ghosts! Perfect piece for Halloween!

  4. Thanks ArtbyLinz, yep I know the timing is sort of eerie.

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