This whole blog thing is new for me. I am not used to divulge my thoughts nor my pastimes on the web. I hate Facebook, Twitter and all of it. I still use a pen to write thoughts and whatever else. So got inspired to publish illustrations from different people. Now it’s relatively new, but hopefully soon, it will be filled with lots of stuff. My main thing is people. I learnt how to draw from the street. I began as a portrait artist in the streets of Old Montreal in the early 80’s. After a few years working with portraiture, I then traveled to Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy earning my ride from street portraiture. It was later on that I pursued a BFA at Concordia University where I learnt how to undo what I had already known much to my dismay. I then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in the same place only to learn that art and passion aren’t earned at University.
Right now I am teaching at the College and University level in Graphic Arts while still pursuing creation in many forms.
I love to create and love the female form as well as portraits. However I love city scenes with alleys and back streets. Now that the weather has warmed, I will be capturing the alluring streets of Montreal. If you have a chance, please visit my site directly from here!

ciao, ciao, Liliane


9 Comments on “Bio”

  1. thecircleofit says:

    beautiful paintings…i love them all!

  2. thecircleofit says:

    i love how i am not the only one who hates facebook, twitter, etc.!!! i am hoping to do this blog thing by avoiding all that…let’s see!!! i refuse to ‘give in’ ha!

  3. Ha! You and me both! I hate it all, I wanted to paint again regularly so I can leave the computer and all its accessories/peripherals aside. But having this blog turned out to be a lot of work. WordPress, Flikr, Pinterest, does it ever end????

  4. So very nice to “meet” you and have the chance to look at your work! For a “casual sketcher”, you certainly are talented! Have very much enjoyed my time at your blog and looking forward to seeing more 🙂
    all the best!

  5. Mayer Sylvia says:

    I wanna just tell you that your drawings&paintings are awesome, keep goin’ )

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