Aye Carumba!

After all this preparation from making guacamole and nachos, I had to sketch this beautiful array, but sadly I will admit thatI kind of went through this one really quickly as all I wanted to do was eat it. Bad idea to draw  food when hungry.


Hungry bees

Lots of laundry before start of the semester and of all days it happens to be 38 degrees and stuck inside or I’ll have nothing to wear. I also love the scent of outside clothes drying in the sun but if it wasn’t for all the bees swarming around me I’d be outside in my terrasse more. They are nasty lately.

Singing Rocks

Driving through this beautiful place called Bair D’Urfe I discovered this oasis of lush gardens, fertile ponds and lots of vacant areas to sketch. The sound of the water hitting the rocks was intoxicating. I even met an artist painting in oils, wow, I have a hard time getting my watercolors out as to not disturb my surrounding and not draw attention to myself. Yet he looked so peaceful…

Oneirous territory

Well back in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue after a long hiatus and since this city girl rarely sees nature with bountiful landscapes, I couldn’t help but record what I see on my way to work. This is the same pathway that I see on my way driving to work but in reality it is partly realistic and partly fictitious. It is so ingrained in my brain that I don’t need to see it to paint it. Hopefully I will be able to find the energy to paint everyday since teaching can take up so much energy….

Up the creek

Believe it or not this picturesque little creek is right by the Mount Royal Cemetery tucked away after a long trek up the hill. It felt so lovely to sketch it out there as the weather now has waned and the humidity practically gone. Perfect for outdoor sketching!

Ceiling study

Nothing like a good old fashioned B pencils and a simple piece of paper. I haven’t really drawn in a while, only to make quick sketches to get the watercolor ready.  I miss it so much, and when I don’t draw for a while, I seem to have this urgent need to hear the pencil scrape along the paper and the magic that happens when white turns to black.  Plus if there is anything we dislike we can simply erase, not like those crazy watercolors!


We are always sketching the outside of a church or at least I am but I have always been fascinated by the inside. The smells, the vibrations, the ancientness. Yesterday I discovered a most beautiful church and cemetery on Mount Royal hidden away in the woods. I know it might sound morbid, but I am tempted to sketch there some more as it is so peaceful and quiet as is expected, but there is also a certain beauty. Here is the inside, I know I overworked it again, as I hoped to capture the sunlight on just one pew in all its simplicity.

Back to basics

After many over saturated works, I decided to go and visit the cemetery again where the path has an endless view and feels like you’re miles away from the city and where nature dictates what colors to choose from. I opted to just ketch it real quickly and allow the paints to do their own thing without my interference. It’s nice to let watercolors lead…


I hope I didn’t offend any Chinese people with my bad handwriting when I tried to recapture the symbols. I have always been fascinated with Chinese art, calligraphy and culture. What’s also amazing is that Chinatown all over the world is pretty much the same. I even went to one in Havana. Who knew?

Roundness of it all

This is from a sketch I did years ago from live modeling. I always liked it since at the time women were so voluptuous in life drawing classes. Now I see so many thin and model-like female forms that it doesn’t inspire me anymore. I love the circular movement of the female form.