After many months away from blogging, posting 1st watercolor in a while. Been using oils so difficult to get back to the simplicity of watercolors. They are hard man, but always fun. Hope I’ll be back to show some worthy shit. This is just getting my feet or paints wet.


La Trigonelle

Here is La Trigonelle in Mont Tremblant, a wonderful B&B where Amanda and I spent a few days. The breakfasts were amazing not to mention the large acres of land lush with flowers, abundant trees and peace and quiet. The vibrations are especially serene where we don’t even need to lock our car doors. Nice change of pace from city life. This is for you Suzanne!

Crimson Red Chair

Yesterday the weather was brutal with rain and heavy humidity. Today the sun finally shone so had to capture this gorgeous crimson chair, but luckily  I brought some material with me as the little town of Hagetmau used to carry art supplies but now is all out. Tomorrow will go on a expedition searching for pigments.

Sur les traces de Cezanne

I believe this is where Cezanne could have lived as the panorama is breathtaking. I am enamored by all the rooftiles in this part of southwestern France.

Early mornin

Side of the barn and a delicious espresso, just before the whole gang awaken. Sadly, the sun came out shortly before I finished which would have showed the most beautiful shadows…Stay tuned!

Sasha on the hammock

After a delicious meal by the outdoor patio of the house which was originally a “Four √† pain”. In the midst of this typical French ancient countryside, here is Sasha fiddling with her IPad.

Travelling through

Charlotte Rampling would have starred in a movie here. Country side of France, La Chalosse, with pictoresque Landes style houses and endless hillsides.¬† Only sounds are laughing frogs, ” ducks and various birds. Paradise.