creations etc…

Le très beau Fred

Listening to Cowboy Junkies
What great music so got inspired to dabble and scribble.

How fine is this lady?

We need to talk about Kevin
I was so mesmerized by this movie cooped up at my sister’s place waiting for the ant exterminators that I watched this movie twice in a row. The fabulous Tilda Swinton and Kevin made me want to sketch them as I watched in awe of their performance. Now uploading the images while I am feeling the fumes. No more computer.

Waiting for Helmut to come home
Here I am waiting for the past 3 days for Helmut to come out of the clinic. He may be paralyzed for life. If that is the case I will lose a best friend. Sounds wacky I know, he’s a dog. Today was a beautiful sunny march day so decided to buy a Moleskine. What a gift. Works like a charm. Trying to get my head out of the clouds. Drawing sad faces again…

Trying to post this new rendering of faces/hermaphrodites that I’ve always done and seem to re-occur whenever I am lost in thought and need to create a face.


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