Fall is here

One of my favourite seasons happens to be Fall but it is a bitter sweet sensation as I know what’s coming living in Montreal. Yet it is such a magical time observing leaves and trees changing on an hourly basis sometimes. It’s warm but no more tanning season and nights are cool and fresh. This image is from the Charlevoix region about 6 hours from Montreal where the air is crisp and the panorama is endless.


They’re back!

First week of school where today I began at 8:30. Ungodly hour when I’ve been off all summer and woke up when I wanted to. Not that I sleep in but to be in front of over 50 students that early is quite daunting. Trying to catch a quick sketch of the fever that occurs when school starts. Colored this later at home after a lovely little nap!

Kindred spirits

After discovering so many wonders in Baie D’urfe with its lush nature and beautiful lake I found this weeping willow almost talking to me. It felt like he was saddened by so many things, nostalgia from better days, a lost optimism and just weeping there while no one really noticed. Him and I shared a lot of the same feelings….

The lonely biker

Sitting in the park admiring the view when this woman arrived, dropped off her bike and began reading. It looked so picturesque I had to sketch her. I know the details are a little fuzzy but I did not want her to notice me and waited to see how long she would be there. I finished before her.

Aye Carumba!

After all this preparation from making guacamole and nachos, I had to sketch this beautiful array, but sadly I will admit thatI kind of went through this one really quickly as all I wanted to do was eat it. Bad idea to draw  food when hungry.

Hungry bees

Lots of laundry before start of the semester and of all days it happens to be 38 degrees and stuck inside or I’ll have nothing to wear. I also love the scent of outside clothes drying in the sun but if it wasn’t for all the bees swarming around me I’d be outside in my terrasse more. They are nasty lately.

Singing Rocks

Driving through this beautiful place called Bair D’Urfe I discovered this oasis of lush gardens, fertile ponds and lots of vacant areas to sketch. The sound of the water hitting the rocks was intoxicating. I even met an artist painting in oils, wow, I have a hard time getting my watercolors out as to not disturb my surrounding and not draw attention to myself. Yet he looked so peaceful…