Facade of Cathedrale Sainte Marie de Bayonne

One of the joys of traveling through Europe is discovering all the beautiful churches. I am not religious but have always been fascinated with churches, their smell, size, architecture, and intricate detail. Here is the facade of the church.


Fire Station

Can you believe this is where the fire station is near my place. I always thought this building was beautiful. Not sure what style this is, Gothic I’m sure, but it looks like an ancient church or something. Or perhaps that’s how fire stations were distinguished from other places in Montreal.  This time I omitted to use black outlines as I was hoping to just see how the watercolor would flow without interruptions. There are so many possibilities that the choice is always difficult to make.

Plateau Mont Royal

Walking in the Plateau is a feast for anyone who loves architecture. Here Laval street with its crooked buildings and intricate plaster and stucco at every corner. I am always fascinated by all the intricacies and originality of Montreal’s landmark. There is a lot to sketch here and while the weather is good, I might be doing just that most of summer. Wish I could be in front of the ocean ideally, but, option B is not that bad…

Goodbye Small Moleskine!

You read right, goodbye Moleskine is an homage to my faithful sketchbook which I was so tired of using since the size and format just didn’t fit anymore. So now opted for the cheapest watercolor sketchpad of 9″ x 12″ for the time being. I always drew larger than life and now I can draw as big as I want and not feel constrained. Here is one of the most beautiful streets in Montreal, Coloniale with its different houses and architecture at every corner. Ah, it feels so good to have space, not like my small little moleskine of 5″ x 8″.


I’ve become quite the street artist capturing all of the Montreal streets I’ve always loved. There are so many that I did not know I admired them so. Now every time I drive or walk I can’t help but look up and notice another beautiful one from its architecture to aged style, art deco and even burnt down buildings have a special charm just like a dying bouquet of flowers. Beautiful when they were in full bloom but just as glorious in their withering away. Here is another great street that has many layers of wondrous beauty.

Street view

Of the many paths I cross everyday, I walk by here all the time to go get food at metro, yet I’m always amazed at the contrast between ugly architecture like Metro and the beauty of Saint Joseph’s Oratory. Yep, Montreal is full of surprises like that which makes it so special.  I just love the dichotomy of all it proposes.