I know I said I wouldn’t draw boats again but I couldn’t resist the beautiful day so went again to the Marina to enjoy the many sailboats and the panoramic view.  I then decided to stop for a bite to eat at the local restaurant.  While sitting there watching others enjoy their meal,  no one came to serve me. As it turned out,  they don’t serve non members of the Marina. I had to leave feeling a little embarrassed and stunned that these realities still occur. It felt like how a lot of minorities must have felt in similar situations. So now for sure this is it for the boat drawings unless someone invites me for a ride or lunch…



I think this is the last of the Yacht club series as I need to be immersed in water to be able to capture it well. Here I am dressed, hot and stinky and cannot even enjoy the water that I am trying so desperately to portray. So therefore, the next time I draw water I will be in it either before or after the sketch, somewhere, somehow!!!