Up the creek

Believe it or not this picturesque little creek is right by the Mount Royal Cemetery tucked away after a long trek up the hill. It felt so lovely to sketch it out there as the weather now has waned and the humidity practically gone. Perfect for outdoor sketching!



We are always sketching the outside of a church or at least I am but I have always been fascinated by the inside. The smells, the vibrations, the ancientness. Yesterday I discovered a most beautiful church and cemetery on Mount Royal hidden away in the woods. I know it might sound morbid, but I am tempted to sketch there some more as it is so peaceful and quiet as is expected, but there is also a certain beauty. Here is the inside, I know I overworked it again, as I hoped to capture the sunlight on just one pew in all its simplicity.

Back to basics

After many over saturated works, I decided to go and visit the cemetery again where the path has an endless view and feels like you’re miles away from the city and where nature dictates what colors to choose from. I opted to just ketch it real quickly and allow the paints to do their own thing without my interference. It’s nice to let watercolors lead…


This structure is part of the Notre Dame Cemetery where I walk through everyday for the past week. I used to be afraid of walking by cemeteries thinking it brought bad luck. Now I find such peace and serenity. The vast gorgeous lawns where people walk their dogs, bike or just stroll through allows me to get away from the city noises and odors for a fraction of time. Amazing how our perception changes over time.