We are always sketching the outside of a church or at least I am but I have always been fascinated by the inside. The smells, the vibrations, the ancientness. Yesterday I discovered a most beautiful church and cemetery on Mount Royal hidden away in the woods. I know it might sound morbid, but I am tempted to sketch there some more as it is so peaceful and quiet as is expected, but there is also a certain beauty. Here is the inside, I know I overworked it again, as I hoped to capture the sunlight on just one pew in all its simplicity.


Drying colors

One of my favorite sketches to do are either alleyways, cathedrals and churches or tree trunks. Between the scorching heat out there, my watercolors are drying in front of me so very frugal with this sketch as it is way too hot. If it continues, I’ll take out my pencils and scrap paints all together 🙂

Facade of Cathedrale Sainte Marie de Bayonne

One of the joys of traveling through Europe is discovering all the beautiful churches. I am not religious but have always been fascinated with churches, their smell, size, architecture, and intricate detail. Here is the facade of the church.

Church in Bayonne

This church was so monumental and grandiose that it was impossible to sketch in full unless one stood very far away to catch all of its grandeur. So I opted for a lower perspective sitting and focusing on only one part of its many detail. This church could be sketched everyday as its colors, intricacy, and beauty are constantly changing.

Rue Bonsecours

One of my favorite alleys in Old Montreal is Rue Bonsecours leading to Notre Dame church with its cobblestone streets and lost alleyways. Summer makes for lots of visitors so either you go real early and sketch or supper time when everyone is cozied up in the many restaurants. This is just a rough sketch but I’d love to make an abstract representation ala Stine Persson, one of my favorite artists.