La Trigonelle

Here is La Trigonelle in Mont Tremblant, a wonderful B&B where Amanda and I spent a few days. The breakfasts were amazing not to mention the large acres of land lush with flowers, abundant trees and peace and quiet. The vibrations are especially serene where we don’t even need to lock our car doors. Nice change of pace from city life. This is for you Suzanne!


Red Car

It’s fascinating to find a colorful element amongst all this concrete in the city. Was so nice to get a change of scenery and sketch the country side in France and Spain. Now back to my usual alleyways and concrete buildings. Yet in spite of it all, there was this clean and shiny new red car in the distance. Hope I did it justice.

City Scape

Not quite the country road but so intriguing as I look outside my terrace and notice how the trees are growing right in front of all this concrete. I can sketch this same vista over and over as it always has a color and tint depending on my different moods. It’s a bright day today and the sun is blinding as I am squinting profusely that if I add any more detail, I’ll end up looking like a Sharpei.

Take me home, country road!

Ah it must be so nice to live up in rural areas. For city gals like me, it’s very rare that I get to enjoy the fresh air, different scents and sounds, and see the vastness beyond my scope of vision. I’m always in the middle of concrete, along with construction sites, never ending noises, and not to mention all the various odors. Finally got a chance to see and feel the vastness. Beautiful nature not so far away.