I think this is the last of the Yacht club series as I need to be immersed in water to be able to capture it well. Here I am dressed, hot and stinky and cannot even enjoy the water that I am trying so desperately to portray. So therefore, the next time I draw water I will be in it either before or after the sketch, somewhere, somehow!!!


Drying colors

One of my favorite sketches to do are either alleyways, cathedrals and churches or tree trunks. Between the scorching heat out there, my watercolors are drying in front of me so very frugal with this sketch as it is way too hot. If it continues, I’ll take out my pencils and scrap paints all together 🙂


This photo taken by my nephew Fred captured so well the heat and spirit of Morocco where I was born. haven’t been in ages but I long to walk by adobe houses and feel the dry hot summer sun on my skin. There is a peace in the desert that does not compare to anywhere. Oh Summer where art thou?