Fall is here

One of my favourite seasons happens to be Fall but it is a bitter sweet sensation as I know what’s coming living in Montreal. Yet it is such a magical time observing leaves and trees changing on an hourly basis sometimes. It’s warm but no more tanning season and nights are cool and fresh. This image is from the Charlevoix region about 6 hours from Montreal where the air is crisp and the panorama is endless.



How beautiful it is to be amongst nature and to notice all of the little details between leaves, trees, colors and scents. Unfortunately I cannot portray scents but I tried to capture this solitary tree amongst all the huge leafy ones, nevertheless, there was such a unity in its position that suggested that  everything is exactly where it should have been, me included.


Went to beaver lake today which is so beautiful hidden away in the middle of the city. Was fascinated by the water and all the growing leaves and tried to capture their beauty, their silence and and their serenity. Obviously I failed terribly. I think I need to do some sketching in pencil and let go off color for a while. There is so much I’d like to capture and the result is a lot different on paper than either in my head or in reality. How to merge the 2? I’s love to know; Any advice?

Summer is here!

You know summer is here when you see grass and leaves everywhere. Here on the corner of Edouard Montpetit and Lavoie, near my place, I noticed these poor mailboxes lost in the midst of leaves and uncut grass that it looked like a remote street somewhere in the country. You would never know it’s right smack in the middle of the city. I fell in love with both mailboxes, the other one was tagged all over. Easy to hide from authorities tagging in this area as you could escape through blades of grass and never even be noticed.