My students

Here is the continuation of my adventure with this new Moleskine. So I opted for fast sketches because we all know it cannot take any moisture. In class today I caught my students working while they were unaware of my stooping around them. Such a voyeur. BTW, pardon the awful tones of my camera since I could not grasp a better tint of this unknown yellow that Moleskine uses.


My office

Thank you Amazon for selling me this Moleskine which I understood to be something completely different. What I got was this yellow paper, non absorbent and so not conducive for any liquid media.  All this to say I used for the first time with my new 5″ x 8. 5″  Moleskine sketch pad and was freaked. This is my office. Pardon the horrible rendering…

Goodbye Small Moleskine!

You read right, goodbye Moleskine is an homage to my faithful sketchbook which I was so tired of using since the size and format just didn’t fit anymore. So now opted for the cheapest watercolor sketchpad of 9″ x 12″ for the time being. I always drew larger than life and now I can draw as big as I want and not feel constrained. Here is one of the most beautiful streets in Montreal, Coloniale with its different houses and architecture at every corner. Ah, it feels so good to have space, not like my small little moleskine of 5″ x 8″.