Fall is here

One of my favourite seasons happens to be Fall but it is a bitter sweet sensation as I know what’s coming living in Montreal. Yet it is such a magical time observing leaves and trees changing on an hourly basis sometimes. It’s warm but no more tanning season and nights are cool and fresh. This image is from the Charlevoix region about 6 hours from Montreal where the air is crisp and the panorama is endless.


Strolling along

Down in the dumps lately since cannot find any satisfaction with my work and cannot find inspiration for anything new. Strolled to Beaver Lake and tried to breathe in some fresh air in the hopes of an epiphany. I have developed a love/hate relationship with Watercolors that maybe after new scenery and people, will find some solace.

Fire Station

Can you believe this is where the fire station is near my place. I always thought this building was beautiful. Not sure what style this is, Gothic I’m sure, but it looks like an ancient church or something. Or perhaps that’s how fire stations were distinguished from other places in Montreal.  This time I omitted to use black outlines as I was hoping to just see how the watercolor would flow without interruptions. There are so many possibilities that the choice is always difficult to make.

When is enough enough?

When is enough with watercolors? When I’m painting, I love the feeling yet I always feel that I am either overworking it or not enough. Wish I had a timer to tell me when to stop or to just add a little more detail. Damn those watercolors are difficult!

Feeling new

Back again in my favorite part of the city, here at Duluth St. I love that all the streets lead to the mountain and covered red brick buildings with gorgeous trees. Had to celebrate since I got new material today, feels so good to have new stuff. Like wearing new clothes, you feel better because of the newness. Had to try my new colors, Cadmium yellow and raw Sienna, and 2 watercolor pads, yum!!!!. Sometimes I love looking at my paints so much that the subject becomes irrelevant.

Plateau Mont Royal

Walking in the Plateau is a feast for anyone who loves architecture. Here Laval street with its crooked buildings and intricate plaster and stucco at every corner. I am always fascinated by all the intricacies and originality of Montreal’s landmark. There is a lot to sketch here and while the weather is good, I might be doing just that most of summer. Wish I could be in front of the ocean ideally, but, option B is not that bad…

City Scape

Not quite the country road but so intriguing as I look outside my terrace and notice how the trees are growing right in front of all this concrete. I can sketch this same vista over and over as it always has a color and tint depending on my different moods. It’s a bright day today and the sun is blinding as I am squinting profusely that if I add any more detail, I’ll end up looking like a Sharpei.

Dependable Roof

Well here again sketching my roof as the power went out, could not go anywhere until it was restored and instead of looking out forlorn and blah, I decided to paint it again. There has been a few but when there is a lack of inspiration, I can always turn to my roof for support…

Summer is here!

You know summer is here when you see grass and leaves everywhere. Here on the corner of Edouard Montpetit and Lavoie, near my place, I noticed these poor mailboxes lost in the midst of leaves and uncut grass that it looked like a remote street somewhere in the country. You would never know it’s right smack in the middle of the city. I fell in love with both mailboxes, the other one was tagged all over. Easy to hide from authorities tagging in this area as you could escape through blades of grass and never even be noticed.

Goodbye Small Moleskine!

You read right, goodbye Moleskine is an homage to my faithful sketchbook which I was so tired of using since the size and format just didn’t fit anymore. So now opted for the cheapest watercolor sketchpad of 9″ x 12″ for the time being. I always drew larger than life and now I can draw as big as I want and not feel constrained. Here is one of the most beautiful streets in Montreal, Coloniale with its different houses and architecture at every corner. Ah, it feels so good to have space, not like my small little moleskine of 5″ x 8″.