Kindred spirits

After discovering so many wonders in Baie D’urfe with its lush nature and beautiful lake I found this weeping willow almost talking to me. It felt like he was saddened by so many things, nostalgia from better days, a lost optimism and just weeping there while no one really noticed. Him and I shared a lot of the same feelings….


Back to basics

After many over saturated works, I decided to go and visit the cemetery again where the path has an endless view and feels like you’re miles away from the city and where nature dictates what colors to choose from. I opted to just ketch it real quickly and allow the paints to do their own thing without my interference. It’s nice to let watercolors lead…


How beautiful it is to be amongst nature and to notice all of the little details between leaves, trees, colors and scents. Unfortunately I cannot portray scents but I tried to capture this solitary tree amongst all the huge leafy ones, nevertheless, there was such a unity in its position that suggested that  everything is exactly where it should have been, me included.

Take me home, country road!

Ah it must be so nice to live up in rural areas. For city gals like me, it’s very rare that I get to enjoy the fresh air, different scents and sounds, and see the vastness beyond my scope of vision. I’m always in the middle of concrete, along with construction sites, never ending noises, and not to mention all the various odors. Finally got a chance to see and feel the vastness. Beautiful nature not so far away.