My students

Here is the continuation of my adventure with this new Moleskine. So I opted for fast sketches because we all know it cannot take any moisture. In class today I caught my students working while they were unaware of my stooping around them. Such a voyeur. BTW, pardon the awful tones of my camera since I could not grasp a better tint of this unknown yellow that Moleskine uses.


My office

Thank you Amazon for selling me this Moleskine which I understood to be something completely different. What I got was this yellow paper, non absorbent and so not conducive for any liquid media.  All this to say I used for the first time with my new 5″ x 8. 5″  Moleskine sketch pad and was freaked. This is my office. Pardon the horrible rendering…

Road to JAC

Driving towards John Abbott College always amazes me as the panorama is breathtaking and where it changes constantly as the seasons change. I sketched this in the car real quick before cops or other cars wondered why I was parked out in the middle of nowhere.  I colored it later at home but I really love this road.

They’re back!

First week of school where today I began at 8:30. Ungodly hour when I’ve been off all summer and woke up when I wanted to. Not that I sleep in but to be in front of over 50 students that early is quite daunting. Trying to catch a quick sketch of the fever that occurs when school starts. Colored this later at home after a lovely little nap!

The lonely biker

Sitting in the park admiring the view when this woman arrived, dropped off her bike and began reading. It looked so picturesque I had to sketch her. I know the details are a little fuzzy but I did not want her to notice me and waited to see how long she would be there. I finished before her.

Back to basics

After many over saturated works, I decided to go and visit the cemetery again where the path has an endless view and feels like you’re miles away from the city and where nature dictates what colors to choose from. I opted to just ketch it real quickly and allow the paints to do their own thing without my interference. It’s nice to let watercolors lead…

Bayonne Street

I forgot I had this sketch of Bayonne. I have always been fascinated with endless streets, one point perspective and a horizon that seems so boundless. Don’t know if I did it justice but I can sketch streets like that and alleyways forever.


This beautiful mailbox gave me an excuse to use my new reds, however  I couldn’t help wondering that sadly it will soon become an obsolete item since we use it less and less. So as an homage to our national treasure I decided to sketch it before they are all destroyed just like our pennies will be in a few months…

Amanda & Helmut

Amanda and I were walking along Mont Tremblant when we stumbled upon this abandoned lot with dilapidated carts and what seemed to be mobile homes. It felt like we were somewhere in Alabama or something. I couldn’t resist sketching them in this surrealist setting.

2 Solitudes

Here was this couple sitting there apart from each other while he was on the phone the whole time I sketched them. I felt that she was praying “please get off that phone”.  I could be wrong, since I felt like such a voyeur and the best thing is they never even noticed me!