Ceiling study

Nothing like a good old fashioned B pencils and a simple piece of paper. I haven’t really drawn in a while, only to make quick sketches to get the watercolor ready.  I miss it so much, and when I don’t draw for a while, I seem to have this urgent need to hear the pencil scrape along the paper and the magic that happens when white turns to black.  Plus if there is anything we dislike we can simply erase, not like those crazy watercolors!


My new best friend

Industrial designer I am not because it took me forever to sketch this chair properly, however, this is now my new best friend as I got this folding chair for 10 bucks and it goes everywhere I go so from now on I can go sketching about town and not have to worry about where to sit, or to have to order coffee in some little joint somewhere, plus did you check out my cup holder? perfect for water. Montreal here I come!


Sorry for not posting sooner but, here in Mont Tremblant, idyllic place north of Montreal where we were with no connection to the outside world, TV, computers, phones, etc…What a feeling to let go of our usual dependance on technology. Got to spend time swimming with the dog, and literally smell the roses. So slowly will post all of the sketches. For now here is a building with lots of wires in the midst of mountains and gorgeous scenery while waiting for Amanda getting a massage. What do I get, sketching with the dog!!