I think this is the last of the Yacht club series as I need to be immersed in water to be able to capture it well. Here I am dressed, hot and stinky and cannot even enjoy the water that I am trying so desperately to portray. So therefore, the next time I draw water I will be in it either before or after the sketch, somewhere, somehow!!!


House and shadow

Lately I’ve been walking around Montreal again and found the light against this house so beautiful that I had to come back and sketch it. The weather has been hot and sunny so it’s been difficult to sit down and paint inside or out. Plus I need to get more colors again as I feel I am using always the same ones.


I just love this house and will paint all of it soon as there are so many details and intricacies. In fact it changes according to sunlight or night time. Here is Nicole just hanging loose.

Beach of Vielle Saint-Girons

It’s always a challenge to paint when it’s really hot and all you want to do is bask in the sun. Here is this beautiful secluded beach in the Landes, southwest France that is far removed from the tanning lotions aromas and the ping pong players over your head. The only drawback is the trek to get to it by foot. Oh my poor muscles…


Tried to recapture this side of the barn while the sun was shining and there were wonderful shadows. There I was all installed and then the weather went bad, heavy winds and no more shadows. Was so determined to finish it that here is a bad representation of what I was looking at. Must try and recapture it again.