Fall is here

One of my favourite seasons happens to be Fall but it is a bitter sweet sensation as I know what’s coming living in Montreal. Yet it is such a magical time observing leaves and trees changing on an hourly basis sometimes. It’s warm but no more tanning season and nights are cool and fresh. This image is from the Charlevoix region about 6 hours from Montreal where the air is crisp and the panorama is endless.


La Trigonelle

Here is La Trigonelle in Mont Tremblant, a wonderful B&B where Amanda and I spent a few days. The breakfasts were amazing not to mention the large acres of land lush with flowers, abundant trees and peace and quiet. The vibrations are especially serene where we don’t even need to lock our car doors. Nice change of pace from city life. This is for you Suzanne!


How beautiful it is to be amongst nature and to notice all of the little details between leaves, trees, colors and scents. Unfortunately I cannot portray scents but I tried to capture this solitary tree amongst all the huge leafy ones, nevertheless, there was such a unity in its position that suggested that  everything is exactly where it should have been, me included.

Aging gracefully

It’s always fascinating to look at tree trunks and notice all of their lines and history. They age so gracefully while we shun at the idea of getting a wrinkle. Perhaps if we tried to emulate their longevity, we wouldn’t be so obsessed with youth and beauty. Just found out today my neighbor has breast cancer. Sucks as she worked all her life to maybe end it this way. I hate the way I take mine for granted. Sketching daily reminds me that perhaps I need to savor the moment and the sketches are a little memento reminding me I am not that insignificant after all…


Again sketching the Oratory but this time from another vantage point from the back on a hill. It’s quite mesmerizing when you see it from so close you almost get dizzy, well perhaps just me as I get dizzy even on a swing or any height for that matter. There are so many ways to interpret it I can spend a lifetime drawing it everyday. Just like skies, there are never 2 the same and so many ways of interpretation.

Recycling bins

Have you ever wondered where every new piece of art comes from? Perhaps it’s just one big recycling bin where we can all scram through just like at a flea market. It’s all out there for the pickin. Kind of sad really but comforting that creation will never be dead, just continuously recycled…