Drying colors

One of my favorite sketches to do are either alleyways, cathedrals and churches or tree trunks. Between the scorching heat out there, my watercolors are drying in front of me so very frugal with this sketch as it is way too hot. If it continues, I’ll take out my pencils and scrap paints all together 🙂


Beach of Vielle Saint-Girons

It’s always a challenge to paint when it’s really hot and all you want to do is bask in the sun. Here is this beautiful secluded beach in the Landes, southwest France that is far removed from the tanning lotions aromas and the ping pong players over your head. The only drawback is the trek to get to it by foot. Oh my poor muscles…

A Basque and his baguette

How representative of the Basque people if not for their ubiquitous beret and a delicious baguette. I followed this man for some time if the hopes of capturing his essence while the details were made later. I hoped to portray his expression which was a combination of sadness, fatigue, old age, and probably general nostalgia for the young man he once was. I know the feeling.

Watercolor + Sea water

Here we are in San Sebastian and thought of everything, sun screen, towel, wtercolors, paper towel, brushes, pencils, a water jar and wait, no water. Naturally thought of using sea water thinking it comes to the same effect. Well I think not. It made everything look muddy and dull. here is the result. Too bad, the view was splendid.


All we need is weed…

Early mornin

Side of the barn and a delicious espresso, just before the whole gang awaken. Sadly, the sun came out shortly before I finished which would have showed the most beautiful shadows…Stay tuned!

Travelling through

Charlotte Rampling would have starred in a movie here. Country side of France, La Chalosse, with pictoresque Landes style houses and endless hillsides.  Only sounds are laughing frogs, ” ducks and various birds. Paradise.

Fire Station

Can you believe this is where the fire station is near my place. I always thought this building was beautiful. Not sure what style this is, Gothic I’m sure, but it looks like an ancient church or something. Or perhaps that’s how fire stations were distinguished from other places in Montreal.  This time I omitted to use black outlines as I was hoping to just see how the watercolor would flow without interruptions. There are so many possibilities that the choice is always difficult to make.

Plateau Mont Royal

Walking in the Plateau is a feast for anyone who loves architecture. Here Laval street with its crooked buildings and intricate plaster and stucco at every corner. I am always fascinated by all the intricacies and originality of Montreal’s landmark. There is a lot to sketch here and while the weather is good, I might be doing just that most of summer. Wish I could be in front of the ocean ideally, but, option B is not that bad…


Went to beaver lake today which is so beautiful hidden away in the middle of the city. Was fascinated by the water and all the growing leaves and tried to capture their beauty, their silence and and their serenity. Obviously I failed terribly. I think I need to do some sketching in pencil and let go off color for a while. There is so much I’d like to capture and the result is a lot different on paper than either in my head or in reality. How to merge the 2? I’s love to know; Any advice?