Back to basics

After many over saturated works, I decided to go and visit the cemetery again where the path has an endless view and feels like you’re miles away from the city and where nature dictates what colors to choose from. I opted to just ketch it real quickly and allow the paints to do their own thing without my interference. It’s nice to let watercolors lead…


Strolling along

Down in the dumps lately since cannot find any satisfaction with my work and cannot find inspiration for anything new. Strolled to Beaver Lake and tried to breathe in some fresh air in the hopes of an epiphany. I have developed a love/hate relationship with Watercolors that maybe after new scenery and people, will find some solace.

When is enough enough?

When is enough with watercolors? When I’m painting, I love the feeling yet I always feel that I am either overworking it or not enough. Wish I had a timer to tell me when to stop or to just add a little more detail. Damn those watercolors are difficult!