Road to JAC

Driving towards John Abbott College always amazes me as the panorama is breathtaking and where it changes constantly as the seasons change. I sketched this in the car real quick before cops or other cars wondered why I was parked out in the middle of nowhere.  I colored it later at home but I really love this road.


8 Comments on “Road to JAC”

  1. violetski says:

    This is beautiful !
    What a beautiful sightseeing around you .

  2. Hi Violet, yep that’s the road I take everyday. Wait till Winter comes, I may attempt to do it then!

  3. rkb665 says:

    I love stretches like this that catch your eye every time you round the bend or come over the hill.

  4. Thanks! I love roads like this too, in fact everytime I see a endless road I draw it in my mind, now I can capture it for good.

  5. dylangillespie14 says:

    It must be so terrible to have to drive on such a beautiful road everyday, haha. I like your use of perspective on the road, and the composition is beautiful what with the windy road going throughout it. Very nice!

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