After many months away from blogging, posting 1st watercolor in a while. Been using oils so difficult to get back to the simplicity of watercolors. They are hard man, but always fun. Hope I’ll be back to show some worthy shit. This is just getting my feet or paints wet.


To blog or not to blog…

I’ve been debating for some time now  the importance of showing every little doodle, drawing, sketch, painting and everything in between to a virtual audience. It feels weird that there is this need to show and tell instantaneously. Kudos to those that do. I certainly envy their openness about the whole process. But does that make our work any better or does it validate us anymore than just the act of doing? I have decided to take a hiatus from the world of blogging. Perhaps it’s due to Winter approaching, or perhaps it’s because I am  afraid of becoming a fast food artist as a result, but for now  there is certainly a need to hibernate and to withdraw in the act of creation. Many thanks to all who have liked my stuff…

Haunted JAC

Stumbled upon the back of John Abbott College and noticed this abandoned building with its barricaded windows and eerie energy permeating through on this gloomy October day.  Now I am fascinated by it and imagining so many things that could be inside and the ones that once were.


Sitting here on this cold and eerie Autumn evening since it’s been weird since yesterday so instead of looking at this stupid TV or sitting idly in front of the computer, I decided rather to sketch my immediate view, the couch.

My students

Here is the continuation of my adventure with this new Moleskine. So I opted for fast sketches because we all know it cannot take any moisture. In class today I caught my students working while they were unaware of my stooping around them. Such a voyeur. BTW, pardon the awful tones of my camera since I could not grasp a better tint of this unknown yellow that Moleskine uses.

My office

Thank you Amazon for selling me this Moleskine which I understood to be something completely different. What I got was this yellow paper, non absorbent and so not conducive for any liquid media.  All this to say I used for the first time with my new 5″ x 8. 5″  Moleskine sketch pad and was freaked. This is my office. Pardon the horrible rendering…

Road to JAC

Driving towards John Abbott College always amazes me as the panorama is breathtaking and where it changes constantly as the seasons change. I sketched this in the car real quick before cops or other cars wondered why I was parked out in the middle of nowhere.  I colored it later at home but I really love this road.

Fall is here

One of my favourite seasons happens to be Fall but it is a bitter sweet sensation as I know what’s coming living in Montreal. Yet it is such a magical time observing leaves and trees changing on an hourly basis sometimes. It’s warm but no more tanning season and nights are cool and fresh. This image is from the Charlevoix region about 6 hours from Montreal where the air is crisp and the panorama is endless.

They’re back!

First week of school where today I began at 8:30. Ungodly hour when I’ve been off all summer and woke up when I wanted to. Not that I sleep in but to be in front of over 50 students that early is quite daunting. Trying to catch a quick sketch of the fever that occurs when school starts. Colored this later at home after a lovely little nap!

Kindred spirits

After discovering so many wonders in Baie D’urfe with its lush nature and beautiful lake I found this weeping willow almost talking to me. It felt like he was saddened by so many things, nostalgia from better days, a lost optimism and just weeping there while no one really noticed. Him and I shared a lot of the same feelings….